Fullmetal Merlins (Team 18843)

The Fullmetal Merlins are one of the five FTC Teams for Xavier High School. The Merlins’ rookie season was 2020.

The Fullmetal Merlins finished in 2nd place after their three qualification matches, and the Connecticut State Competition of the 2020-2021 season.

Merlins FTC Remote Event Recap:

The Merlins competed in FTC Remote Event #5 (March 22nd-March 28th), #7 (April 19th-April 25th), and #10 (May 24th-May 30th).

FTC Remote Event 5:

Event high Score: 159 Points

FTC Remote Event 7:

Event High Score: 169 Points

FTC Remote Event 10:

Event High Score: 279 Points